Thursday, 2 June 2016

Some Bumps Along the Road to Here

Written by McKenna Pierce

The day has come. Our NEIP16 group is finally all here at the Pinewood lodge and ready to start our two week Expedition!

It's not all been fun and games getting here though. As we found out in one of our first icebreaker games to get to know each other, while some people had really good journeys to the land down under, others had some more- interesting- travel stories to tell. 

Winning the chocolate fish for the worst of these stories is Haley (Michigan State University), for having food poisoning for the duration of her first flight (ever, I may add). What was supposed to be a short connecting flight to Houston ended up with many trips to the bathroom, and unfortunately taking an hour longer than planned due to storms in the area. 

Next up is Kenny and Alec (University of Illinois) . While trying to arrive a few days early to explore some before the start of the program, the two ended up with almost 24 hours in delays, lost luggage, a broken laptop, and a small case of food poisoning as well. However, a quick run in with Mike Tyson at the airport brought a silver lining to their series of unfortunate events. 

More delays, lost luggage and even a computer system glitch tried to slow us adventurers down, but to no avail. And now that everyone has arrived I can say that I truly feel this is going to be an amazing 6 weeks. 

To quote, "Let's get it started in here!" -The Black Eyed Peas 

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